Our mission is to promote astronomy by making educational program and resources available to our members and the community.  Your support allows us to fulfill our mission.

If you have questions email the Treasurer at:  treasurer@lvaas.org

How can you support our mission:

1.  Become a supporting member or full member.

Supporting Members are members who pay annual dues to support our mission, and they are not actively participating in the Society.  They do not go through the two-reading process.  They can attend all member and public events, but do not have "Full Member" privileges.

Full Members are members who pay annual dues to support our mission, and they are actively involved in the Society.  They go through our two-reading process to gain "Full Member" privileges.  Full Members are eligible to use our telescopes after going through training and paying the appropriate key deposit.  They may vote, run for officer positions, make motions at meetings, and they may serve on the Board of Governors.  Full Members have access to the Society's library and the Society's rental telescope program.

To learn more about membership, go to:  https://lvaas.org/page.php?page=Membership

2.  Donate your Time
We are always looking for volunteers to help run the organization smoothly.  Currently we are looking for help with small renovation projects for our telescopes and headquarters, which houses our meeting room, planetarium, "Red Shift" store, and member library.  Due to insurance, all volunteers must be a Full Member.

If you are interested in helping out at our main site, South Mountain, please contact Mike Clark:  mpcb@ptd.net

If you are interested in helping out at our darker sky site, Pulpit Rock, please contact Frank Lyter:  flyter@ptd.net

Some Full Members serve on the Board of Governors.  We are seeking volunteers to chair our Star Party and Member Services Comittees.  If you are a Full Member and you are intersted in any of these positions, please contact Society Director, Thomas Duff at director@lvaas.org

     The Star Party Committee is responsible for coordinating the Society's star parties.  The purpose of star parties is to educate the public about astronomy and to encourage interest in astronomy.  Star parties may include various activities, including visual and telescopic observing, planetarium programs, and talks on various subjects in astronomy.  The coordinator works with the planetarium chairperson to schedule planetarium shows.  The Star Party Committee is in charge of scheduling all programs, activities and planetarium shows.

     The Member Services Committee shall be responsible for operating the Society's "Red Shift" store and providing commissary services to attendees of Society functions.  The Member Services Committee shall submit a monthly report to the Board of Governors, which includes a financial report, activity report and any other pertinent details.

Committe chairs are encouragd to invite other members to join their committees to help spread out the workload.  We appreciate all members who volunteer their time to make LVAAS great!! :)

3.  Support us Financially

If you prefer you can support us financially to help fulfill our mission.  We have several funds, so you may designate your donation if you wish.  We have our General Fund, 40-Inch Telescope Fund (40-inch Fund), Pulpit Rock Development Fund (PRoD Fund), and the South Mountain Roof Fund (Roof Fund).  If you do not designate your donation, we shall place your donation in the General Fund, which can be used for anything approved by the Board of Governors.  The funds are described below:

General Fund:  can be used on anything to help run the organization such as utilities, insurance, new astronomy gear (telescopes, cameras, accessories), speaker fees, and supplies needed to maintain our telescopes, headquarters, library, "Red Shift" store, and the grounds at South Mountain and Pulpit Rock Observatory Park.

40-Inch Telescope Fund (40-Inch Fund):  can only be used for the 40-inch telescope project

Pulpit Rock Development Fund (PRoD Fund):  can only be used for infrastructure at our Pulpit Rock Observatory Park

South Mountain Roof Fund (Roof Fund):  can only be used for the replacement roof for our headquarters, which we expect to cost at least $16,000.

How to Donate:

1.  Using our PayPal link, you can make a one time donation or a reoccuring monthly donation

You can donate through our PayPal link using a credit card, debit card or a PayPal account: 

Note:  You do not need to have a PayPal account set up to donate through our link!!  

If you want to designate your donation please use the "Note" or "Comment Section."  If you are new to donating through PayPal links, check our our tutorial:  https://lvaas.org/page.php?page=paypal_howto

2.  Donate via Check, Money Order or Cash

Make checks and money orders payable to: "LVAAS"

Mail checks or money orders to:

c/o Treasurer
620 B East Rock Road
Allentown, PA 18103-7525

If you prefer to donate cash, please do so at any LVAAS meeting or LVAAS event.

3.  If you are 70.5 years or older, consider donating via Required Minimum Distribution (RMD):

For details about RMD donations please go to:




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