About The "Buzz" Email Groups

The "Buzz" is a family of email-based channels (mailing groups) for LVAAS members to communicate about our activities. This includes observing sessions, work parties, and special interest group meetings. In April 2023, these groups relocated to groups.io, and two groups were added. (The previous system was based on the Mailman software hosted at buzz.lvaas.org. It was required to choose a name for this subdomain, and so the brand "buzz" was born.)

Currently their are five groups:

  • lvaas-pulpitrock - for coordinating observing sessions and work parties at Pulpit Rock. You should join this list if you are a regular Pulpit Rock visitor, to keep informed about activities and events there, updates on the availability of facilities, and opportunities to help maintain and improve the site.
  • lvaas-southmountain - for coordinating observing sessions and work parties at South Mountain. This list is not very active, as most South Mountain activities are on a regular schedule: General Meetings, Star Parties, and tours, solar viewing, and work sessions on Saturday mornings. (If you plan to visit on a Saturday morning, you should email the South Mountain Maintenance Director, the South Mountain Observatory Director, or the Planetarium Director to make sure someone will be there. See the Contacts page for the addresses.)
  • lvaas-astroimaging - for discussing techniques for capturing and processing images, sharing successes, and coordinating Astroimaging Group activities. This group is very active and informative!
  • lvaas-cherrysprings - for coordinating visits to Cherry Springs State Park by LVAAS members. Join if you would like to know when other LVAAS members are visiting CSSP, or if you would like to let other LVAAS members know you are going. If you have tickets to one of the star parties that you will not be using, you can offer it to other LVAAS members here. (And, if you want to go to a star party at Cherry Springs but you couldn't get a ticket, you should join!)
  • lvaas-outreach - for coordinating LVAAS Outreach events. If you are interested in helping out at some of our events where we bring astronomy to the public, usually at our Star Parties or at educational institutions in the area, you should join this list.

To join any of the lists, just click on the name of the list above and enter your information. It would be helpful if you use the same email address that you use to receive LVAAS announcements, but if you need to use a different one, you can email technology@lvaas.org to alert us so we can identify you.

Some notes:

  1. These lists are open only to LVAAS members.
  2. These groups are private, meaning that they cannot be found by searching groups.io, and the messages are not visible to non-members.
  3. There are features and options that you may want to explore - see the groups.io Members Manual for the full story - but you probably don't need to! Just join up and then send and receive emails to participate.

You will receive emails from the group which will be identified by the group name in brackets (e.g. [lvaas-astroimaging]) in the Subject: of the email. You can reply to these emails, or you can start a new topic by emailing the group's address, once you are a member. The addresses for each group are:

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