About The Buzz

The Buzz is a family of email-based channels (mailing lists) for LVAAS members to communicate about our activities. This includes observing sessions, work parties, and special interest group meetings.

Currently their are three Buzz lists:

  • pulpitrock - for coordinating observing sessions and work parties at Pulpit Rock
  • southmountain - for coordinating observing sessions and work parties at South Mountain
  • astroimaging - for coordinating Astroimaging Group activities

There are three activities associated with each list, and each of these has its own web page and email address for each list. These are:

  • Subscribing. You need to subscribe in order to receive messages from the list, and you should subscribe before you send a message to the list.
  • Sending and receiving messages.
  • Controlling options (including unsubcribing): you can elect to receive every message as it comes in, or to receive a digest once per day. And, if you are no longer interested in the topic of a list, you can unsubscribe.

How to Subscribe

Subscribing to a list is easy, although it is a three-step process and there are two ways to do the first step.

Step 1, email method: just send an email to the subscribe address. The Subject and Body don't matter, but you must send the email from the address you plan to use for the list.

NOTE: these addresses are only for joining the lists. Use the addresses mentioned below for messaging the lists.

Step 1, web method:visit the "join" web page for the list and fill in your email address and name.

In either case, please use the same address that you normally use for LVAAS purposes These lists are limited to LVAAS members, and we will use the email address to verify this.

Step 2 is to confirm your subscription. After you complete Step 1 (either method), you will receive an email from the list software, and you need to either reply to that email, or click the link it contains.

Step 3 happens behind the scenes. An administrator will confirm that you are a member of LVAAS to enable you to join the list. This may take a day or two on occasion, depending on when you sign up. Once your sign-up is complete, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to use the list. You should save this because it will also have your password.

Note: you should save the Welcome email because it has links to some instructions, plus a password that you can use to configure your subscription (see below). But don't worry, there is a way to recover your password if you lose it.

How to Send a Message

Before sending a message to a channel, first you must subscribe (see above). (If a non-subscriber sends a message to one of the channels, it must be processed by a moderator, which can result in either a delay or the message being blocked. Also, if you are not a subscriber you will not receive other messages in the channel, including replies to your message.)

To send a message, just send an email to the list address (one of the following). The server will forward it to the other subscribers.

How to Control Your Subscriptions

If you find you are receiving too many messages, it is easy to unsubscribe. Another option is to put your subscription in "daily digest" mode, so that you can keep up-to-date with what’s going on, while only receiving at most one email per day. You can do either of these by visiting the link in your Welcome email, and using your password. (If you lost your Welcome email, you can also retrieve it from these pages). Just visit the correct wepbage for the list:

which has links to set your options or to receive a password reminder.

Why are we offering this feature when we already have the Forums on the website? (The Buzz is new at the time this is paragraph is being written.) The truth is that many of us find the Forums cumbersome to use. You need to log in to the website to send a message, and although you can receive email notifications of forum messages, you need to log in to read the message body. We hope that the Buzz will make it easier for everyone to keep in touch about these topics.

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