These programs are currently being held on a first come, first serve basis. Programs usually start at 7:00pm and typically take between an hour (for younger scouts) and two hours (for older scouts). All programs are held at our South Mountain facility located in Allentown Pa.  Directions to our South Mountain Location   Please note that our facility can only handle 35 people maximum. 
Typical program usually includes: 
  • Brief information / history about LVAAS
  • Brief history of Astronomy
  • Tour of the planets in our solar system
  • Deep sky objects:  star clusters, nebula, galaxies
  • Telescopes
  • Short planetarium show pointing out various constellations including star lore
  • How to read a star chart / planisphere
  • Outdoor observing with on-site telescopes (weather and darkness permitting) 
  • Other topics can be discussed if requested

*** Please note that the requirements for scout badges are revised periodically.  For this reason, LVAAS does not maintain requirements for any scout badges.  If a unit is attempting to meet any specific requirement(s), these requirements must detailed in the email request. ***


The following information should be distributed to your group before the day of your event:
  • Adequate adult supervision is required for your group at all times.
  • LVAAS volunteers are not responsible for the supervision of the scouts or other visitors.
  • Persons under seven years old should not attend, this includes siblings.
  • Leave all flashlights, light-up sneakers, etc., at home. In astronomy, light destroys the experience for others.
  • All cell phones must be on silent and should not be answered or checked during the program. They should be kept in pocket or purse because they light up. See above.
  • No running or horseplay on LVAAS property. We do most of our work in the dark, and there are dangerous trip hazards and expensive pieces of equipment about.

Available session dates are based on the availability of LVAAS facilities and the availability of LVAAS presenters.  This schedule can change based on the ever-changing availabilities of both.  Typically, only ONE session is performed per month.



The Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomy Society is a non-profit organization that is staffed entirely by volunteers.
We do not charge a fee for these programs, but donations are greatly appreciated.
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