LVAAS Rental Scopes and Binoculars

The following scopes can be rented by LVAAS members.  Renting a scope is a great way to check out different types of scopes, or consider taking one of the smaller scopes with you when you go on the road.

LVAAS Equipment Rental Agreement

Equipment List (2024-04-16)


Previous equipment list:


  Stellarvue 102ED Refractor  4" F7 - A 102mm doublet objective with fully rotating 2" dual speed Crayford focuser, red dot finder, and clamshell mounting ring.  The clamshell ring allows for easy one touch balance adjustment.  Simply loosen the clamshell, slide the tube to balance, and tighten the clamshell. 
  Stellarvue Refractor  80mm F7 - A 80mm Achromatic refractor with fully rotating 2" dual speed Crayford focuser, red dot finder and clamshell mounting ring.

Questar 3.5" Maksutov - An exquisite scope with outstanding optics.  It is a long focal length scope (F14), making it highly effective in planetary observations.  It makes a great travel scope if you are going camping and don't want to lug a bigger scope.  The club has two of these scopes.  PLEASE NOTE: At this time, the tracking is not working on either scopes.  Other that that problem, they still retain their great optics.
  Orion StarBlast 6" Astro Reflector - A fun, capable, and simple point-and-shoot tabletop reflector telescope popular among both beginners and seasoned observers thanks to its ease of use and versatile performance.  The 6" aperature reveals good detail on the planets and Moon, as well as bright deep-sky objects such as nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters.  The compact tabletop design gives the StarBlast 6 great grab-and-go protability at a weight of just 23.5 lbs.
  Meade SCT  8" F10 - Optical tube is mounted on a wedge with tracking and fine tuning DEC and RA axes.

Odyssey Dobsonian - 8"  F4.5
Dobsonians offer easy operation and larger mirrors.  There are no motors or electronics on a dobsonian.  The focal ratio of this scope offers wide field views of the sky.  Best suited for deep sky observing.  For transportation, the tube detaches easily from the base.

Astroscan Reflecting Scope - This unique little design have been offered by Edmund Scientific for decades.  It offers a 4" mirror housed in the sphere at the bottom of the scope.  This scope was the first scope for many young aspiring astronomy hobbyists.  The scope sits on its simple base, or can be cradled in the users lap.  While it is very simple, it is a 4" mirror, which is quite a nice size.

Meade 8" Newtonian Reflector - F 4.5 on a German Equatorial mount.  This mount makes tracking the stars easier, and the setting circles on the mount can aid in finding dim deep sky objects.  Comes with tripod as well.  Good intermediate scope for somebody who wants to start learning about equatorial mounts.

Adlerblick 7x35 binoculars - A great place to start observing.  Many dedicated observers got their start with a pair of binoculars.

Adlerblick 10x50 binoculars - These binoculars have great light grasp and greater magnification than the 7x35 binoculars.
  Celestron CG5 Mount - A German Equatorial mount
  Stellarvue M1 Mount - A "grab and go" mount for light weight optical tubes, 70-80mm only.
  Losmandy to Vixen Saddle Plate - This saddle plate from ADM Accessories will convert a Losmandy  D-series dovetail into a Vixen style dovetail.
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