Astroimaging Group


Astroimaging Group

Note: The LVAAS Board of Governors has approved Astro-imaging Meetings to ReStart. 


The Astroimaging Group is open to all LVAAS members, and members in good standing of other astronomy clubs, who have an interest in astrophotography. Prospective new members are also welcome.

The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for the exchange of information about all aspects of Astroimaging. Experience in astrophotography is not required for membership. 

Meetings are currently held monthly, at the South Mountain location, at 7:00 PM on Thursdays October through March and Saturdays April through September.
Check the online calendar of this website for exact meeting dates or changes to the schedule.
A typical meeting might include a program or discussion about:
     1) A Presentation or Demonstration on equipment, telescopes, mounts, cameras, guiding set-ups, data acquisition or guiding software.
     2) A discussion about Astrophotography
     4) Show and tell about anything acquired by our members. 
From time to time, as the need arises, seminars, such as the popular “An Introduction to Astrophotography” is offered to beginners, or those considering becoming involved in astro-imaging.
Guest speakers are also scheduled from time to time.
To view astro images taken by LVAAS members, go to the Media Gallery section of this website.
To Join the Astroimaging Group, or for further information, contact Tom Duff or simply come to the next meeting and introduce yourself. We are an informal friendly group of fellow amateurs.


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