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Wednesday, September 17 2014 @ 11:35 PM EDT



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Members:  The proposed 2015 LVAAS Budget has been posted to the 'Members Only' folder of the Download section of the website.  The file name is "2015 LVAAS Budget Board Approved 24Aug2014.PDF".  Please review this proposed budget as it will now be voted on by the members at the September 14, 2014 General Meeting.  Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the proposed budget, please contact Treasurer, Ron Kunkel via his link on the Contact Us page.

All Astronomy Buffs:  Our annual MegaMeet event will be held at our Pulpit Rock Astronomical Park September 19-21, 2014, with the rain date being September 26-28.  Non-LVAAS members are also invited to attend this event.  For details about MegaMeet see the MegaMeet webpage located via Activities, MegaMeet from the menu.  Note, the MegaMeet webpage identifies the contact for any questions.

Members Please Note:  The Pulpit Rock road rebuild is finished.  To preserve the road, please use AWD (All Wheel Drive) or 4WD on the steep section.  IF you do not have AWD/4WD use 2nd gear and if you get stuck (forward progress stops) on the steep section, DO NOT SPIN your wheels (it digs holes in the road), rather back down to the bottom of the straight away and simply get another run at the steep section.  Site access with a FWD (front wheel drive) vehicle is not recommended unless you know how to drive on a very steep slope with loose stones.

September 14, 2014 at 7 p.m. in the Grady Planetarium
LVAAS is Proud to Present

Pete Detterline & Gary Becker - The Stars from Mars

Adam Jones, Gary Becker and Peter Detterline at the Mars Desert Research Station.   Photo credit, Jones and Becker

Adam Jones, Gary Becker and Peter Detterline at the Mars Desert Research Station.   Photo credit, Jones and Becker

For the last three summers, LVAAS members and astronomy educators, Peter K. Detterline and Gary A. Becker, have traveled to and lived in the Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utah.  The MDRS is operated by the Mars Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the travel and future exploration of the Red Planet.   This remote desert site not only boasts a Martian-like landscape, but according to the National Park Service, it possesses the darkest skies in the continental US.  The facility includes a two story habitat module, greenhab facility, and a fully working astronomical observatory that was conceived by Peter Detterline and funded by Elon Musk of SpaceX fame.  Join Peter and Gary as they describe what it is like to live and work in a habitat module, share some of their dramatic images of Earth and sky, and discuss the trials and tribulations of running a remote astronomical facility on a shoestring budget.



Founded in 1957, the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society (LVAAS) is one of the oldest continuously-operating amateur astronomy organizations in the U.S. The mission of LVAAS is to promote the study of Astronomy and to maintain a meeting space, observatories, and a planetarium.

LVAAS operates two astronomy sites: The South Mountain site in Salisbury Township is the headquarters of the Society. It has a planetarium with a Spitz A3P projector, a 21 foot dome, meeting space, the Red Shift store, library, workshop space, and three observatories. The Pulpit Rock site near Hamburg is LVAAS's members-only dark sky site. At 1600 feet above sea level, the site features five observatories and a pad for member's scopes.

Members who receive training on the scopes may obtain keys to the observatories. LVAAS also maintains a rental "fleet" of telescopes that members may rent at low cost. Members also receive access to The Observer, our online newsletter, as well as reduced subscription prices to Sky and Telescope and Astronomy Magazine. If you want to learn more about astronomy and LVAAS, please join us at our next public star party.

South Mountain Clear Sky Chart  image

Pulpit Rock Clear Sky Chart         image

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