NGC 6633
NGC 6633 open cluster in Ophiucus. A large cluster consisting of about 30 stars at slightly over 1,000 light years distance. Its age is estimated at 660 million years. Taken at Cherry Springs State Park the morning of June 29th 2016
Celestron C8 @ F7.5 with Starizona reducer\corrector 1500mm EFL
QSI583wsg, Baader filters
RGB16 each at 2 minutes binned 3x3 (I forgot to change the binning after centering)
Total exposure 96 minutes
Faux diffraction spike added with Noel Carboni's Astronomy Tools. My apologies to the purists.

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Wednesday, June 29 2016 @ 09:20 PM EDT
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Media ID 2016070207440435  
Date Wednesday, June 29 2016 @ 09:20 PM EDT
Comments 0
Views 45108
Keywords NGC 6633; De Cheseaux No. 3; H VIII.72; Melotte 201; Collinder 380
Uploaded By M_morgan
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