M76 The Little Dumbell Nebula
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The Little Dumbbell Nebula, also known as Messier 76, NGC 650/651, the Barbell Nebula, or the Cork Nebula, is a planetary nebula in the constellation Perseus.
The total nebula shines at the apparent magnitude of +10.1 with its central star or planetary nebula nucleus (PNN) at +15.9v (16.1B) magnitude.
The Little Dumbbell Nebula derives its common name from its resemblance to the Dumbbell Nebula (M27) in Vulpecula. It was originally thought to consist of two separate emission nebulae and was thus given two catalog numbers in the NGC 650 and 651. Some consider this object to be one of the faintest and hardest to see objects in Messier's list.
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Taken at Cherry Springs State Park C11 @F7.5 QSI583wsg LRGB Luminance 16 X 5 minutes binned 2 X2
RGB 11 each at 2 minutes

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Media ID 20121028144240962  
Date Thursday, August 16 2012 @ 04:37 AM EDT
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Keywords M71; NGC 650; Little Dumbell; Cork nebula; Barbell Nebula; Planetary nebula; Perseus
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