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  • Bob Franke'simages, tutorials and more (1,187)
    This is an interesting website by Bob Franke, an individual who has tutorials, images, general info, etc. Well worth a look.
  • CCD Calc (744)
    Free program to calculate your image scale and show what your image will look like with your scope & CCD combo. Contains images of well known DSO's
  • CCD Calc doftware (907)
    Ron Wadowski's free program which allows you to input your telescope and CCD camera to determine your image arcsec/pixel and FOV. Program also contain most of the popular M, NGC, IC, etc. images so you can see ahead to time what your image will or will not frame.
  • Combining Images with different expsoure times (1,106)
    This website from Jerry Lodriguss shows to combine exposures with different expoure times.
  • Don Waid image processing tutorials (805)
    These are several free on-line video tutorials by Don Waid which show you some of the ways to use Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, process astroimages and solve particular processing problems.
  • FITs Liberator software website (1,715)
    FITs liberator is the plug-in for Photoshop which allows you to use fits images. The website is the offical scorce for this plug-in. Also contains documentation.
  • How a CCD chip works (5,598)
    This article is from Nikon micorscopes, but does an excellent job of explaining how a CCD chip works and the basics of the electronics involved. Written is non-technical easy to understand language.
  • Introduction to Astronomy (1,415)
    A genoeral intro to astronomy
  • IRIS, DSLR RAW data file processing software (2,841)
    Download the IRIS software here.
  • Ken Crawfort video tutorials (701)
    This site offers Ken Crawford's free video image processing tutorials.
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