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July 2018


When: Friday, 07/13/18 - Sunday, 07/15/18 All Day
Event Type: Star Party
Where: Pulpit Rock
Description: The dates for the 2018 Megameet, the annual LVAAS weekend camping and observing event, held at our Pulpit Rock Astronomical Park are set. Please visit our web site at for pictures of the site and directions to the Pulpit Rock Astronomical Park. MegaMeet is LVAAS’s bare bones star party, without vendors, speakers, or registration fees. Members in good standing of regional amateur astronomy clubs are invited to attend. MegaMeet attendees can either come for the evening observing sessions or camp for the weekend. Camping is encouraged, but space is limited. Initial access to the site is via a locked gate which will be attended during sign-in hours shown below. Persons who do not expect to stay the night should park at the North Western side of the field (across the road from the 40” observatory) for easy departure without disturbing others. For LVAAS members without gate keys and regional club members, access will be available Friday from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM and Saturday from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Upon access to the site you will receive the combination to the special gate lock used for this event, and will be free to come and go until 12:00 noon on Sunday. There is no fee for attending or camping. However, please notify Tom Duff, our 2018 MegaMeet coordinator, of your intention to attend so we can obtain a head count and plan accordingly. Please provide your name, number of people in your party and if you plan to camp or just observe. Also advise Tom if you can volunteer for gate duty during the event. Access to the site, behind the locked gate, is via 2 miles of some rather steep gravel mountain road. The road is in good shape and is readily accessible for cars and light trucks, however if you are towing a small camper it is recommended that your vehicle be 4-wheel drive. Larger campers should not attempt to access the site. FOOD SERVICE - There will be a tent set up for the entire weekend with a gas grill, coffee, and sodas for sale and you will be on your honor for payment. The food service will be a “supply and cook your own, self-serve”. If you do plan on bringing your own food and cook it yourself, you must use either charcoal or gas for cooking as no open fires are permitted on site. Please remember we have had bear sightings in the area, so do not leave food in tents or exposed, and put all trash in the provided covered garbage containers. As a reminder, there is no potable water on site, so you will have to bring your own drinking or cooking water. Also, there are no shower facilities; however, there is a flush toilet available on site. Please contact Thomas Duff, MegaMeet 2018 Coordinator ( for any questions.