Pulpit Rock Members Only Star Party (Sat. Apr. 10) is a GO!  Don't forget your chair, jacket, water and snacks!  It is not looking likely for a clear night, but we can still socialize and see our facilities!

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Gwyn Fowler

LVAAS Membership Director

LVAAS General Meeting

Sunday, April 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Van de Kamp's Phantom Worlds — the Case of the Disappearing Exoplanets

It seemed sensational — two planets outside our solar system, in the second nearest star system to ours.
It sparked talks of interstellar missions and more.
But behind the scenes, there was so much more going on with the planets Peter van de Kamp proposed to the world.


John Wenz

John Wenz is currently science editor at Inverse, where he leads a team of space and technology reporters at the cutting edge of current research. Prior to that role, he was a digital producer at Knowable Magazine, an associate editor at Astronomy Magazine, a news writer and contributing editor at Popular Mechanics, and a long-time freelancer. His book The Lost Planets Peter van de Kamp and the Vanishing Exoplanets around Barnard's Star was released by MIT Press in fall 2019. 


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