LVAAS General Meeting

Saturday, August 8 at 8:00 p.m.

Rain Date: Sunday, August 9

- Meeting will be held at Pulpit Rock AND on-line -


Earl Pursell


“Explorer's Guide to the Solar System”

This presentation's focus is on NASA's exploration of the Solar System using telescopes, robots, and humans. Exploring other worlds in our Solar System stretches our minds and excites our imaginations like nothing else. It's the only way to answer some of our deepest questions.  It was originally published on NASA's Night Sky Network, of which LVAAS is a member.

Speaker Bio: Earl Pursell is a retired R&D microbiologist who worked in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry for thirty years. He has always been interested in visual astronomy and photography and has recently begun exploring astrophotography. As a member of LVAAS, he participates in the club's weekly maintenance at South Mountain and is qualified to run the telescopes there, as well as the planetarium. Earl is also the LVAAS Club Rep to UACNJ, a member of the UACNJ Board of Trustees, and a volunteer Observer. 

This meeting will be held outdoors at our Pulpit Rock dark sky site, as well as on-line using Zoom. If the weather is unfavorable on Saturday the meeting will be rescheduled for Sunday. The Pulpit Rock gate will be manned from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00. New members who do not yet have a key should plan to arrive during that interval.

Members will receive an invitation to the on-line meeting by email. Prospective new members who wish to attend on-line should contact our Membership Director ( to arrange to receive an invitation.



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