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 LVAAS Officials - Contact UsThis page provides a list of contacts for the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society, Inc., including elected officers, standing committee directors, and various committee/activity coordinators.  If you have questions about the Society or a specific activity, please contact the appropriate person listed below. 


Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society, Inc.
620 B East Rock Road
Allentown, PA 18103-7525
Phone 610-797-3476


2018  Elected Officers

Director   Carol Kiely
Assistant Director   Rich Hogg
Secretary   Earl Pursell
Treasurer   Gwyn Fowler
Directors of Standing Committees
Planetarium   Fred Bomberger
Observatories (South Mountain site)   Mike Clark
Observatories (Pulpit Rock site)   Frank Lyter
Development   Tom Duff
Library and History   David Raker
Public Relations   Eric Loch
Maintenance (South Mountain site)   Bill Dahlenburg
Maintenance (Pulpit Rock site)   Ron Kunkel
Membership   Scott Fowler
Programs (for General Meetings)   Sandra Mesics
Publications (Observer Editor)   Frances Kopy
Education   Blaine Easterwood
Light Pollution Abatement   David Moll
Risk Management   Dave Moll
Technology (Computers & Internet Services)   Rich Hogg
Member Services (Red Shift Store)   Rhonda Young

Coordinators of Special Committees/Activities
Mega Meet Coordinator (Pulpit Rock site)   Tom Duff
Cub/Girl Scout Program Coordinator (So. Mtn. site)   Chris Smith
Scout Groups Camping Coordinator (Pulpit Rock site)   Ron Kunkel
Star Party Coordinator (South Mountian site)
Carol Kiely 
AstroImaging Group   Tom Duff
Astronomy Merit Badge   Chris Smith
Telescope Making Group (South Mountain site)   Bob Mohr
Keys Coordinator   Tom Duff
Telescope Rentals   Mike Clark and Pete Brooks
Website   Rich Hogg
LVAAS Astrophotography Calendar Editor   Sandra Repash

 Self-registration for this website is disabled.  New members should contact Technology Committee Director Rich Hogg to request registration.


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