Paint the 40!

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Help select a paint scheme for the LVAAS 40-inch Cassegrain telescope at Pulpit Rock! Choose your own colors and assign them to the components of the telescope. Or, browse the gallery of other designs and register your opinion. You can also Remix a design from the gallery to create your own variation! Please click here (or scroll down) for some notes about this project.
 <== click on the color patches to choose your colors
Truss  <== then assign a color to each component!
Secondary Housing
Mirror Cover
Side Frame
Side Frame Accents
Door Panels
Outer Back Frame
Inner Back Plate
Back Plate Accent
RA Wheel
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Some notes

This project is far from perfect and it always will be. It's more than a little rough around the edges.

I think it is in good-enough shape to have some fun with, and generate some ideas about how the telescope should look. But it could look a lot better, and it might act a little funny in some ways. If it were going to be a production tool that we would use for a long time, it would be worth it to keep working on it to improve all of those things. But the truth is, I've spent too many hours on it already, and we're also out of calendar days, so it's time to "ship."

You will find bugs that you might want to tell me about. To be honest, it's probably not worth the trouble.

Also, let's not take this too seriously. This is NOT a mechanism for making a final decision, because there are some factors that need to be considered that we haven't quantified yet. We don't really know all of our options. This was a fun, experimental project for me to build, and now it's a tool for LVAAS members to come up with ideas. Think of it more as a suggestion box than a voting booth.

Also, don't let it limit you! If you have an idea that you cannot represent in this tool, let us know in some other way! One interesting possibility that we keep talking about is using vinyl wrap to decorate portions of the instrument, after it is painted. We used this to make the new sign at Pulpit Rock. Vinyl wrap comes out of a big inkjet printer, and you can have just about anything printed on it. We could even enhance this website to support showing designs like that. But we're not going to do that, it would just take too long.

-- Rich Hogg