The following policy for access to LVAAS facilities by key-holding members of LVAAS is effective June 5, 2020 and subject to revision without notice.

The Pennsylvania Stay-at-home Order has ended for our region, and Hamburg Borough is now permitting access to Pulpit Rock. Members are permitted to use LVAAS facilities individually and in small groups subject to the following guidelines.

  • LVAAS facilities may not be accessed by anyone who is ill or who has had contact with COVID-19 virus within the past 14 days.
  • The LVAAS Planetarium equipment is closed except for essential maintenance activities by authorized personnel.
  • LVAAS observatories and rest rooms may be accessed by authorized LVAAS members, subject to the guidelines set forth below.
  • All state and local health guidelines must be followed.

Use of LVAAS facilities is at your own risk. Be cautious and considerate of others, as the extremely dangerous COVID-19 virus is still present in the population, and new cases are still being reported every day.

In our discussion at the May Board of Governors meeting, it was the sense of the Board that in-person group activities are not advised for the foreseeable future. Therefore we are not planning to resume Star Parties or in-person meetings.


If you will be entering an LVAAS observatory or rest room, you must bring with you a face mask one of the following disinfectants:

Activities on-site

Face masks must be worn while indoors or in close contact with others.

Formal or informal gatherings of more than 25 people are not authorized, in accordance with Pennsylvania guidelines.


While leaving any LVAAS building, you must disinfect behind you.

Use disinfectant on any surface that you touched. This includes locks and lock mechanisms, door knobs, handles, seats and chair backs, table and furniture tops, and any accessories or fittings. Leave as soon as possible after disinfecting, and if you linger, disinfect again.

Telescope equipment may be disinfected with 70% alcohol only. Do not saturate the equipment or allow the solution to seep into it. Do not touch or disinfect the optical surfaces.

Do not use LVAAS eyepieces.

If you become ill

If you become ill within 14 days of accessing an LVAAS facility, notify by sending an email to

By order of:

Rich Hogg

Director, LVAAS

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