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In an effort to reduce the jumble of wires under my tripod, I built this portable power center. It is designed to power both DC and AC equipment and adapters at the scope, allowing for maximum flexibility. The assembly includes a heavy-duty AC power strip (Yellow Jacket brand), two 3 amp Radio Shack DC power supplies, a wooden base, and rubber feet. If I have AC power available this baby will take care of all my power needs. I shortened the cords of the two power supplies so there is NO extra cord. While I had the units open I bolted the lids to the base of the AC power strip. After reassembly I prepared a wood base with rubber feet and glued the two power supplies with the power strip on top to it. I used GOOP cement, my favorite stuff! I might add socket covers for the unused outlets in the power strip, and perhaps a GFCI. I have two T-splitters for the cigarette lighter sockets, giving me four sockets total. But with only 3 amps from each power supply one needs to keep an eye on the DC loads. A unit like this could easily be built up with bigger DC power supplies, or a single larger one, but those units are hard to find with cigarette lighter sockets in them. I didn't want to cut the lighter plugs off my equipment to accomodate the screw terminals.

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Friday, December 28 2012 @ 01:10 PM EST
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Media ID 20121228141015286  
Date Friday, December 28 2012 @ 01:10 PM EST
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