Craters Theoplilus, Cyrrilus and Catharina
No I do not know which is which. Mark, HELP

Taken using Philips ToUcam 900NC on an Orion 8\" Newtonian on a Celestron ASGT mount

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Tuesday, June 09 2009 @ 09:30 PM EDT
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Media ID 20090609213046842  
Date Tuesday, June 09 2009 @ 09:30 PM EDT
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Theophilus: bottom, large central peak, youngest of the 3. Cyrillus: right of Theophilus. Catharina: above-right from Cyrillus, oldest of the 3. 110 km, 98 km and 104 km diameter respectively. North is at the bottom, east is on the left. Mare Nectaris is