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 Celestron CPC vs. NexStar
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By: Anonymous: MikeEddinger () on Tuesday, September 20 2005 @ 07:42 pm EDT (Read 6240 times)  
Anonymous: MikeEddinger

I am perplexed by Celestron marketing... we have the 8" CPC GPS with Starbright coatings for $2000, and the 8" NexStar GPS with Starbright coatings for $2300. Two scopes, same tube, within 15% of each other. I don't get it.... if the CPC were $1700, it would make sense (much like Meade LX90 vs. LX200, where diff. is a slim $500).

Can anyone explain the logic of this?

By: Anonymous: Donna () on Tuesday, September 20 2005 @ 08:44 pm EDT  
Anonymous: Donna

The NexStar 8 GPS is Fastar compatible and has a carbon fiber tube and the CPC line is replacing the GPS line with a nicer price point. Some people insist on the GPS series and are buying them while others are going for the better price of the CPC. But questioning Celestron's marketing strategy is sure to give you a headache.

By: Anonymous: MikeEddinger () on Tuesday, September 20 2005 @ 11:04 pm EDT  
Anonymous: MikeEddinger

I am just amazed that they can afford to have two lines, dual R&D, dual parts (and hence procuring 1/2 of each and missing economies of scale), etc. etc. and come up with two scopes so close together. I always thought the LX90 and LX200 were too close....but $300 is just plain stupid.

Hey... I should be getting my Milburn wedge soon... are you pretty good at polar aligning?? You use drift??

By: Anonymous: MikeEddinger () on Tuesday, September 20 2005 @ 11:08 pm EDT  
Anonymous: MikeEddinger

oh ya... been meaning to ask... why did you take your NexStar 5i off of it's fork?? Certainly the fork was OK for small CCD camera imaging? At least I hope it is... I was planning on doing some with my 5i.

By: Anonymous: Donna () on Wednesday, September 21 2005 @ 07:34 am EDT  
Anonymous: Donna

In general I'm too lazy to drift align though with at least one scope outside for days on end I finally did it with the ASGT. I just use the internal polar alignment routines in both mounts and autoguide.

As for the 5" SCT off the N5i mount -- do you know about Ray's Brackets? They allow you to mount the OTA on a plate which can be attached to a bracket on the arm so you can move it back and forth to balance it or, to put a different OTA on the mount. I also put a ST80 on for instance. And I use both for imaging on a wedge. The N5i has better tracking than the N5 and can autoguide, though not perfectly. Spur gears and having balance issues (single fork) limit it but track and stack is fun if that's all you've got. And for a long time, that was all I had.

Getting back to the CPC v. GPS thing, I honestly think that the CPC is cheaper for them to manufacture so they passed some of the savings along to the end-user. I hope that they kept enough for themselves, too. With Synta at the helm they probably have enough revenue to keep C. afloat but I always worry. We need Orange _and_ Blue in this world!



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