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Hi all,

We had a good classroom session last Friday on theory and methods.

I'd like to schedule, with your help, the second part of the series which is the field practice segment. For this session you will bring your own equipment and set it up and polar align by the three methods discussed during the classroom session (simple, iterative, drift)

Since good weather is needed for this activity, please pick a Primary and Secondary date preference
If you missed the first session come anyway. We can bring you up to speed with group support.

The dates which look good are: Friday May 19 or Sat. May 20
Friday May 26 or Sat. May 27 (field meet nite)
Friday June 2

I'd like to use the SM location for this second session since I think it will be easier for more members to attend.

Action Item: Please let me know ASAP if you plan to attend and which date(s) are best for you.

Clear skies,

Mike T
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Personally, I would rather SM than PR although drift aligning on something in the East is kinda difficult at SM.

All three dates are OK with me.

Keep the momentum going Mike, I appreciate your energy in seeing this through. I learned a lot in our Friday session and have even put some of it into practice. However, as is always the case with our astronomy 'hobby', more money now needs to be spent, I need more counter weights on my mount. Ah well...... Roll Eyes

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How about using all the dates? I'll try to come to all of them.

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