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[NOTE: Sandy Mesics is now the director. Scott Fowler was the director when he posted this message - webteam]

Welcome to the LVAAS Online Forum!!!

The forum is part of an overall "revamping" of the LVAAS web site to improve useability for our membership. While our site has served well to provide information, especially to the public, we thought it could do more.

For some time, we have had a news group at Yahoo. It works well and is managed well. I never liked the ads, but the price was right and people use it. I thought, "Too bad we can't do this on our site. We have a great site, so why send people elsewhere?"

I wasn't the only one thinking this way. So, here it is, thanks to a few web-savy members of our Society.

Our goal is to enhance the value of your membership in the Society, improve communication, and promote Astronomy. Let us know what you think (positive and negative). This forum and website belong to you, the members of LVAAS.

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