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Hi all,

It appears that the best option for our polar alignment workshop is the two-part approach that Mike E suggested. The first session would involved a classroom discussion of what is actually happening geometrically when you polar align an a Wedge/ GEM mount. We would also include in this first session examples of each and demo of set-up techniques. There would not be any individual scope work.

It looks like the best date for this session is Friday, April 28th at 7pm at SM.

The second session will be a hands-on workshop with your own equipment. We should be able to go through the three levels of alignment; basic, iterative and drift in this session.

The date for the second session is not yet determined, but since I’d like to be able to participate with my stuff, I’d propose mid May (and hope I’m ok by then), such as May 19th. There is a 3rd qtr moon, but that should not interfere and there are no other activities at SM that I’m aware of. Weather of course is the big question.

Action Items:

1- Let me know if you can or cannot make these dates
2- Let me know if you can bring a scope and wedge or GEM to session 1 to demo.
3- Circulate any articles or tutorials you may have on polar alignment through the Forum’s Polar Alignment topic.

Clear Skies,

Mike T
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Mike... I can make both, but perhaps we should have several dates lined up around each of these two dates, in case there is bad weather. We could say the 28th or, if there is bad weather that night, the 29th maybe? Even throw out May 5th as yet another bad weather date? I might help to nail down several dates now so people can hold them. Odds are good we will run in to some weather trouble on some of these dates.

Maybe we could also line up a Pulpit date in June where we all show up, polar align, then use our cameras...

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Would one of the clubs Gem-fractors or Gem-newts be OK for the classroom portion of the demo?

I can volunteer mine if something more is needed. The instructor can do the demo as it is very simple.


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I'll try my best to make the sessions as long as work travel doesn't interfere.

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Erin has a little BD party that Friday so I'm not sure what I'll be doing... if I come, I'll be late.


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