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We have negotiated a club discount price on the outstanding DeepSky Astronomy Software program. This 3 DVD set of software is used for planning observing sessions, printing custom star charts based on your observing plan, keeping logs, controlling your Meade or Celestron scope (as well as any other ASCOM comliant scope).

The software includes 410,000 images, and over 60 catalogs of stars, double starts, deep sky objects, comets, and more.

This software is sold on the site http://www.deepsky2000.com for $69.95. LVAAS members will be able to purchase the complete 3 DVD set of software for only $35.

PLEASE NOTE: A demonstration of this software will be given at the March 12th General Meeting. Orders for the software will be taken there. Even if you are not in the initial batch, the software can be ordered later, but we would like to get a large initial order to save on shipping, and reward the programs author, Steve Tuma, for giving us such a generous discount WITHOUT the need for a minimum number of orders.

Check it out and come out to the General Meeting on Sunday, March 12th to see the software in action.

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Good news - I will have 10 copies of DeepSky available at the General Meeting. If more people want it, we can place another order at any time. IF YOU ALREADY KNOW you want a copy, please give me your name to reserve one of the copies we will have on hand.

The price will be $36 ($1 for postage). The postage was this cheap because I went ahead and got 10 in the initial order.

HELP - Anybody have access to an LCD projector with at least 800x600 resolution??? The LVAAS LCD projector is a bit lacking.... if I could use it on Sunday night, that would be GRRRRRRRREAT!

Let me know if you can help.

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