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Will most likely be joining as a member this spring. Currently own a 2.5" refractor, and a 4" reflector. Was perusing the site and found that you all had a radio telescope out at Pulpit Rock.

This caught my attention, as I have 11 years field experience with radio equipment dealing with HF thru low-band microwave, gained by working radio telecomm in the USAF. Everything from black-box maintenance down to component-level analog and digital RF device repair.

Would be interested in hearing from any other amateur radioscope users in the vicinity.

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The radio telescope is currently not operational. It has been a work in progress for several years, and it had a brief life a while back. Renovations to the trailer it will be housed in have held things up, but those renovations have been progressing recently.
We look forward to you joining. We can always use more help.

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As a member of the Radio Telescope committee let me give you a little more information.

The 10' dish shown on the website has been taken down to allow roofing and other structural work on the trailer. The 10' dish will not be reinstalled as part of the project at Pulpit Rock, we will be using a recently acquired 12' dish instead and it will be mounted on a support tower that is currently being planned. The area of the trailer previously dedicated to the dish has been used to house a recently installed 12" LX200 GOTO scope.
A good candidate for the software that you mentioned in your other posting!

The 10' dish will likely be installed at South Mountain.

You will be joining the society at an exciting time. We are currently planning for what we hope to be a year full of progress and accomplishments! As Mike said we are always looking for help and I'm glad to hear that you have an interest in this project!

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