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CCD group,

In August a newly formed group will be having their first, to my knowledge, CCD imaging conference in the Northeast. This will take place fairly close to us, in Philadelphia. Information about it can be obtained below:

Here is some free information from Richard Bennion that was posted to the Paramount ME user group about CCD imaging:

Here's what one Paramount ME owner said about the above information:

Thanks for sharing this great presentation with us that were not able to attend the AIC.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Wishing for clear skies in Ohio!

Take care,
Isaac Cruz"

Thank you.

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Thanks for the link to Richard Bennion’s presentation on imaging. It was great.

Lynn Krizan

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Hello Shane,

Currently here at NMSkies are Richard Bennion and John Smith (both of CCDWARE). In my talk on Tuesday at the CCD User group I'll be sharing some GREAT insights to the software among other things.

See you at the Christmas party!


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CCD Group,

The Northeast imaging conference just posted their line up of speakers and topics:

I am not affiliated with them. I'm merely passing this information on as it looks like an excellent group of speakers and topics, plus it will take place very close to us.

Thank you.

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CCD Group,

It appears the imaging conference has been moved up. Read below:

Subject: NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference

You are invited to attend the
NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference
May 4-5, 2006
Rockland Community College
Suffern, New York

We are pleased to announce that the 2006 NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference
(NEAIC) will be held in conjunction with NEAF (the NorthEast Astro Forum),
giving astroimagers and astrophotographers an unparalleled opportunity to
learn from the experts at NEAIC and then examine the latest cameras,
telescopes, and accessories at NEAF.

That's right: four great days of amateur astronomy! The NorthEast
Astro-Imaging Conference will be held on May 4 and 5 at Rockland Community
College, followed May 6 and 7 by the country's largest and
best astronomical exposition: NEAF, the NorthEast Astro Forum. These are
two premier events that you don't want to miss.

The NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference will put you in touch with
outstanding speakers covering four major topic areas that are sure to be of

-- Deep-Sky Imaging
-- Imaging with Digital SLRs
-- Planetary Imaging, and
-- Imaging for Science.

Whatever your interest, you will have the opportunity to meet top amateur
astronomers in these fields and learn how to apply their expertise to your
personal imaging projects.

Whether you are a seasoned imager, or are just getting started, this
conference will have something for you. Our speakers include:

-- Ron Dantowitz
-- Rob Gendler
-- Tony Hallas
-- Brian Lula
-- Jim Misti
-- Don Parker
-- Joe Patterson
-- Robert Reeves

Their talks and break-out sessions will give you the opportunity to see and
hear top amateur astronomers discussing their techniques and answering your

For more information on the NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference, please
visit our website (still under construction) and updated regularly:


We expect that the full schedule of events will be available by February 15.

Registration fee for this two-day conference costs $145, and includes
morning coffee and donuts and lunch each day. An additional benefit to
NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference attendees: You will receive a free
two-day pass to NEAF!

Space is limited so please register early.
We hope to see you there!

(signed) Your NEAIC Conference Committee

-- Jim Burnell
-- Richard Berry
-- Mike Peoples
-- Saieed Safaie

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I don't believe they are the same conference, Shane.

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[quote="dreamscopes"]CCD Group,

It appears the imaging conference has been moved up. Read below:


This is definitely NOT the imaging conference that is to be held in Philadelphia. The one for PHL is to be held August 11-13 and I believe it is being called something like Astro Imaging Conference. I haven't seen any more details about it though.


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My error. Here are the two, distinct conferences for astro-imaging in 2006:
Held May 4th and 5th:

Held August 11th-13th:

It would seem we are being invaded with astro-imaging conferences all of the sudden!

Sorry for the initial confusion...

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