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New rubber roofing was installed on the trailer at Pulpit Rock September 17th and 18th, with trim completed on the 24th. Thanks goes to Pete Brooks, Dan Murphy, and Jeep Stoeckel for doing this work. This roofing is very similar or identical to the material used on the flat roof of the Schlegel (40-inch) Observatory.

The new roofing addressed chronic leaks we've had inside the structure. Now that the interior is dry, planned repairs and improvements to the exterior and interior can proceed.

The trailer was chosen as the site for the Society's Radio Telescope and also has potential to accommodate an optical observatory. An existing concrete pier and steel mounting structure and operational roll-off roof were designed for a 16-inch scope years ago. This year the Society also acquired a 12-foot receiving dish which will replace the 10-foot dish previously mounted.

If you have interest in Radio Astronomy and would like to get involved with this project, contact me at director@lvaas.net. For ongoing information on this project, or for posting comments, please see the forum topic under facilities, Pulpit Rock.

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