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Hi all,

I received this e-mail and thought I'd pass it along to our club members as requested by the sender in case some of you are interested.


I am writing to you individually, or as the prime contact for your astronomy organization, and ask
that you pass the following along to others in your organization that may have interest in this:

Where will you be on 01 August 2008 to observe the next Total Solar Eclipse (TSE200Cool,
now just one year away?

Many have been weighing the various geographic options and evaluating trades between clear sky
probabilities, ease (or difficulty) of path access, totality duration, etc. I am extremely
pleased to inform you of a unique opportunity that may well suite your needs -- a dedicated polar
stratospheric flight in a high altitude jet aircraft at extreme northern latitude to optimally
intercept the lunar umbral shadow. Following the Antarctic eclipse flights of 23 November 2003,
it has been a privilege for me to facilitate a conceptually similar, but singularly unique,
opportunity for TSE2008.

The technical pre-planning is fully complete, and all logistical arrangements and operational are
in place, for the conduction of the flight in cooperation with Deutsche Polarflug, LTU airlines,
Sky & Telescope and TravelQuest (TQ) International.

For brevity in this correspondence, I direct you to:

http://nicmosis.as.arizona.edu:8000/ECL ... LIGHT.html

where you will find much information regarding this flight and the unique opportunity it presents
to enable observations of TSE2008 from the stunningly clear, pristine, and particular free skies
of the polar stratosphere leading to a duration of totality of appx 2m 51 +/- 10s.

My role in this has been (and continues to be) in technical and operational planning and
co-ordination. I am happy to answer any such questions regarding the eclipse flight, and the
eclipse observation opportunities it uniquely enables. (TravelQuest, as the booking agent, should
be contacted directly following regarding bookings for the flight; and tell TQ that "Glenn, the
umbraphile" sent you if you should contact them).

FYI - If you, or any of your organization members are planning on attending the 3rd International
Solar Eclipse Conference in Los Angeles, California, USA later this month,
http://uk.geocities.com/solareclipseweb ... C2007.html ,
I will be there as well to (in part) discuss various aspects of this flight with those who
are, or are interested in, participating.

Cheers, and Clear Skies!

Glenn Schneider
Please send email replies/queries to: gschneider@mac.com

* GLENN SCHNEIDER, Associate Astronomer & NICMOS Project Instrument Scientist *
* Steward Observatory * Phone: 520-621-5865 FAX: 520-621-1891 Telex: 467175 *
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* SM4 Reinstatement Decision: 31 Oct 2006 - We Have A Mission! *
* !!!! "Wishing you clear skies, and good seeing." !!!! -GS- *

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